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What is MuseumShare.APP

Museum Share App is a mobile solution for museums, galleries, archaeolgical sites and archives. It is an open adn partecipative storytelling platform, which dives the chance to create interactive, emotional, engaging mobile apps for museums to enhance the way of experiencing art.


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Museum & Digital Revolution

The Thinkwell Group Report explores the role of Digital Tech in Museums and visitors’expectations


The Thinkwell Group, an international agency specializing in the creation of theme parks, museums, exhibits and live shows around the world, has published its second annual Guest Experience Trend Report entitled “Museums & the Digital Revolution.” This year’s Report honed in specifically on the current museum guest experience and visitors’ expectations and desires for mobile integration. The authors asked important questions about the role of mobile and interactive technologies in the museum context and the results are both surprising and important for museums that are thinking through these challenges in the next years.

The survey reached over 1,400 museumgoers and found that 69 percent of the respondents bring mobile devices (tablets and/or smartphones) with them while visiting a museum. Of that 69 percent, 73 percent used their device during their visit, most notably to take photos. Audio features were highly requested. At the same time, guests are asking for after-hours events, expert talks, hands-on classes, and themed activities geared toward children.

Ultimately,”digital technologies can be helpful to museums in order to supplement their content, but visitors still crave social interactions, personal enrichment and access to original, authentic objects.”

The complete report, as well as the companion infographic, are available online here.

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    What is MuseumShare.GURU

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    What is MuseumShare.COMMUNITY

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